Iraq War Syllogism - 32


Purple fingers held up in the air
Just a visual image to sell something that's not real
What's the point of elections during a civil war?

I could proclaim myself mayor of my house
Me and my wife and my dog all vote unanimously
Means nothing outside of my house
Where the rest of the world has gone insane

Purple fingers held up in the air
We are proud of something that gives no real benefit and provides no real answer for what is happening
Only purpose democracy has here is to serve as a new rationale for war
We couldn't find the WMD's, we did this for democracy!

Elections to choose leaders when their district is a battlefield seems pointless
They go through with all the trappings and rituals to give the show of success
Something for your blood and treasure
We'll elect a leader who will be ignored by both sides

Democracy is intangible, it's a philosophy, a theory
Means nothing without many factors of quality of life
Democracy is overrated
Peace is underrated
Can't have the former without the latter first

by Raj Dronamraju

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