Iraq War Syllogism - 34


Megaphone warrior
How easy it is to cheerlead a war when you are not part of it
How easy it is get paid to jin up ratings with conflict and controversy
You don't speak for anyone
You speak on behalf of all the dark spirits of prior centuries - genocide and colonialism and might makes right
You keep this stream of thought flowing

Talk radio soldier
You denigrate the very people who die on your behalf
You denigrate the mother whose son died for no good reason
And when she speaks up about this, you denigrate her motives
You have never stepped out of your 3 martini gated community
Both your support and criticism are offered from a safe distance

From a vantage point of unquestionable safety
The modern day propagandist trips his tongue on trampolines
It flips from trapeze to trapeze
Looking for new justifications to replace previously discredited ones that you act like you never supported in the first place
The ground rising up to meet every assertion proven wrong

by Raj Dronamraju

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