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Iraq War Syllogism - 35
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Iraq War Syllogism - 35

Poem By Raj Dronamraju


What happened to your credit balance, America?
The last administration left you in the black
Now all that money's gone
Into the pockets of the defense industry
This was a choice that "you" made
And I treat the word "you" in this fashion because the representation could not stop this
Schools and roads don't matter

So they suck you dry
Share the savings account with outside thieves
Roll their eyes when you talk of the budget

In deficit, we let others take what is rightfully ours

What happened to your moral credit balance, America?
Where after 09/11 there were worldwide sympathies
There are now demonstrations, burning the president in effigy
Where past foes wept with America, now there are new foes
Criticism no longer suspended
Spending that moral credit balance freely, blindly

So they force your hand
The doll sticks pins in the voodoo master
Their machinations are subversive treachery

In deficit, we unknowingly feed the traitors among us

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