Iraq War Syllogism - 37


He filed his last dispatch and he went out into the storm
And it swallowed him up leaving nothing but confusion
Witnesses and the government forces who directly deny what the witnesses say they saw

Journalists taking their life in their hands like a camera or a pen to document that which could get them killed
Might not expect their subjects to open fire on them rather they might expect to end up the victims of random terrorism
Not the victims of US soldiers deliberately waging war on journalists

He shot some film of an army in action and they responded by shooting him
The US deliberately fired on the Baghdad headquarters of Al Jazeera
Unfiltered information is our greatest threat

Controlling the narrative of a war gone bad? It was bad to begin with
Poorly devised, a conspiracy of traitors
They'll start their own network and their own radio station
So the Iraqi people can listen to a children's fable expunged of all truth

by Raj Dronamraju

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