A Distant Soul's Cry!

In the silence of night his soul awakens into a dreamy trance, gazing into this wilderness of hope, he canters through mounts for a moment's glance, whilst his soul indulged in that nostalgic grope.

Of her love he craved shackled by his impatient soul, orphaned was he into this dismal confines of reality, lost in sought of her alluring stroll, as the essence of time questions his sanity.

He advances through the brink of madness, longing for her serene embrace, in her warmth shalt his soul rest in calmness, as his eyes lose heed of time and its race.

At the rise of ever dawn his thoughts wander her way, still gazing through the opaque glimmers at her alluring face, a grinning soul awakens to the light of day, secretly longing to indulge in her love and its haze.

Through this storm of despair his love persists, whilst his soul cries from this realm of solitude, of his love he fails to resist, as her memory manifests mockingly at this realm's gratitude.

by Mukul Ganesh

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