Iraq War Syllogism - 39


Panic in Nisour Square
Iraqi policeman duck for cover the same as civilians
Those that throw themselves to the ground are doing so as much as a result of privatization
Than the bullets themselves
Their safety and their lives are given so little respect as to lay them in the dirt

Panic in Nisour Square
At least 14 dead
The mercenaries said they were ambushed but no other witnesses saw this
This Iraq nightmare has been one long ambush of the truth
An ambush of reason, reason left for dead

Panic in Nisour Square
Blackwater employees started firing into the traffic jam
They are protected from Iraqi law
They can kill to their heart's content with no legal consequences
Without warning, they'll reveal how little they value your humanity

Panic in Nisour Square
His son died in his arms
That day we knew it was all a lie
You are not saving me from anything
I need saving from you

by Raj Dronamraju

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