Iraq War Syllogism - 4


Now they'll rehash history without any sense of history
Without any real knowledge about what occurred before and what America had to do with that
They won't go back any further than last week

This amnesia they will celebrate as it excuses America from any fault
Don't show me any pictures of Saddam Hussein and Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands

Oh Pinocchio found his dream situation
But here all the Gepetos were seething, spilling over with hateful delusions
And with greed which they hid with propaganda and bluster

If you said it was about oil, they would tell you you were wrong
And if you pointed out the destiny of a mandate of a greater power
I'd tell you the British were more honest in their designation of inferiority
The inferiority of the conquered

When they drew the boundaries, the lines were drawn by the careless hand of colonialism's footmen
The belching civil servant and his corpulent class of invader

Your mandate is democracy but if democracy was what was truly cared about, so many other places you would go
So many other places to commit violence against
To remake the world in our image
To remake the world for our markets

by Raj Dronamraju

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