Iraq War Syllogism - 40


Contractors acting in the place of the military
Some jobs should never be contracted out
You empower some moron from a morontown
You give him a uniform, you give him a gun
But not the discipline and the accountability of a military career

The lesson was learned - you can't draft an unwilling populace
The babyboomers exploded their minds and the tradition of each generation having a war ended
But sometimes volunteers are not enough
It takes five people to perform a task and you only have three

I am drinking beer and admiring my gut
Punching a clock and not chafing under supervision
I would call myself a soldier but have endured none of the training or if I was a soldier in lives past, that's certainly not part of who I am now

And one night after hours he got drunk and shot up the place
Shot and killed the guard of an Iraqi government official
He as bundled away on a plane back to the US and didn't face any criminal prosecution
He was even able to find work as a military contractor somewhere else

America insults you
By sending you their dregs
And letting them run wild
America grinds you in the dirt
By letting you know, you could say directly or indirectly, that you are the conquered
Your lives are unimportant

by Raj Dronamraju

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