Iraq War Syllogism - 41


When you least expect it, expect it
You wouldn't expect a 16 year old girl to blow herself up
You might keep one eye open for a nervous guy with a beard, a shaky hand
Talking to himself, can't look you in the eye

You might not notice a young girl or even a middle-aged woman
Eyes shut tight, clutching the accumulated weight of life tight to her chest
Hesitantly approaching a crowded area

How did they groom you for this?
The best candidates are those with nothing left to lose
The widow who seeks revenge
The victim of shame who seeks honor for a slut defined life

Here the woman is not separate from the male
Adam never lost a rib and he carries around enslaved femininity within him
Once the protection of a male relative is lost
Anything is game

by Raj Dronamraju

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