Iraq War Syllogism - 44


A surge is a push defined by its suddenness
Won't let anything get in our way - Forward!
In fact we will call this a new way forward
We will let our nomenclature drive the tank

Counterinsurgency strategy
We'll try not to kill too many bystanders this time
We will win hearts and minds by being a little less sloppy in how we apply the violence

A surge is a push but it just means more soldiers on an unconventional battlefield in a country invaded out of choice
A surge is way of doing something as if action by itself defines success
Those who are in control want you to know they are still in control

Presidential candidates purge their websites of criticism of the surge
A measure of success is contrasted against how quickly it is until we get out
Desperate for any options to save a nation's foolish face

A surge is an attempt to have a voice in a roomful of chaos
When they blew up the Golden Dome Mosque
Your audience scattered after that
Split back into groups and looked for ways to fight one another

by Raj Dronamraju

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