Iraq War Syllogism - 45


You perform geopolitical experiments that explode in your face
Iran is now stronger because they got rid of Saddam Hussein
The friend of my friend and the enemy of my enemy
Sometimes I get confused
Must have been why we funded both sides during the Iran-Iraq War

We are so cynical, so disrespectful of the quality of life that we empower two countries to kill one another
Then we wonder why they hate us
My new enemy is my old friend and my new friend is my old enemy
Sometimes I get confused
And that's why we just removed the enemy of one our worst enemies freeing him up to flex the muscle

You make matters worse for the future generations who deal with your foreign policy failures
You've write those off like phantom accounts filled with money that never existed
But it's not my job to think
I just pay taxes and cheer when soldiers are sent off to die, cheer when soldiers are sent off to kill innocent people in other countries

by Raj Dronamraju

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