Iraq War Syllogism - 47


No more immunity
That will kill the deal
We hold to the principle of trying US soldiers for crimes they commit in Iraq
That's the way to finally get rid of you

The infestation that could be eliminated
If we hold them accountable
After so much violence, the answer was simple all along
Just force them to live by the same laws that Iraqis do

So the rats scurry at the notion of accountability
They pull out faster than a metaphor can describe someone leaving the scene quickly in a panic
When the contractors drunkenly waved guns around and killed Iraqis
They ran back to America and nothing happened to them

Nothing happens to those who commit extrajudicial killings, bomb and shoot anyone you want, get out of jail free
I am a soldier and I wave that defense in your face
Remove that defense and get rid of the problem
I need to rid my house of these violent pests

by Raj Dronamraju

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