Iraq War Syllogism - 48


It's nothing close to the scale of punishment I would have liked
Bu the tossing of shoes at an idiotic warmonger will have to suffice

It's not as humiliating or anything close to the firm repudiation we would like to see
But there is a denigration communicated from one person to the other by the tossing of shoes

And he who throws the shoes becomes a hero, receives marriage proposals by the score
Shouting out "This is for all the widows and orphans"
Future folk singers will write rambling ballads for the shoe thrower

It was a size 10 shoe he threw
And it was a size 10 contempt he felt
No lower insult for the killer in a suit

An insult in your culture means a loss of respect
Feet are dirty and should not be near your face
How dearly I would love to walk across your face

by Raj Dronamraju

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