Iraq War Syllogism - 5


Shock and awe
The latter word means a feeling of respect, dread, and wonder
One out of three and I take no inspiration from destruction
No matter how removed I am from it

Why should I take encouragement from the guilty beauty of a firefight strafing a night sky
Raining down bolts of orange on buildings
And also on people but you can't see that in the sanitized distance of television

I am shocked how easily different groups of thinking people, those who opposed the war, those who have doubts about it, and those who are indifferent rally together in support now that it has started
As if the start of an illegal war automatically negates any further discussion of the morality of it

I am not awed by the hubris and the greed of successive empires
Merely disgusted by it
You think up a catchy name for your atrocity
Your blitzkrieg will have a jingle!
Your blitzkrieg will have a market share!

by Raj Dronamraju

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