Lovely Animals

As she came to a Y in the road
Lovely signs laid on her path
To illuminate hidden Cossroads
She looked and could see
A way never travelled
Vividly it called to her
Reaching out like a Vine
Every cell in her body
Magnetized to it's direction
Tingling her skin
Her body and eyes
Pleaded with her
As time went on
To look back

She became determined
To move forward
Weariness from past
Sighing of hollow echoes
Taunted her emotions
Trying to steal her
Newfound joy
In day
By night

Lone transformation
Thus ending her

She vowed to end her
Lonely series
On Love
Vowed never to be alone
A commitment
In the making

Being choosy and particular
Paid off
She lived the dream
Others gave up on
And so she began
Her new series

A new direction
Of new life

Less was now more
Animals became part
Of her new love
In poem
She began writing
Little animals
Into her love story

Lovely Animals

by Gio Masserati

Comments (4)

what type of poem is this and is it published?
Really great. I've been in Dublin Ireland once. stayed there for about 2 months not that iam from Ireland or Irish but, i went to visit a couple of people Its beautiful country This Poem Kinda reminds me of my visit Iam gona have to give you a ten 10++++
I am reading all the Burns poets on this site. Wish I had read this one before I left for Ireland in May. I spent 10 days there, my first visit ever, and though it is not my home, I wish it were. Next time I go, I will think of your poem, whic is quite is lovely and evocative. Thank you
Being Irish I might be bias but that is a lovely poem All the best Ian