Ireland My Ireland

When you visit dear old Ireland,
Please say a special prayer.
Light a candle in the Abbey,
for my heart is always there.

Place this little pot of shamrocks,
in the chapel by the sea.
Because, you know I love them so,
and they're a part of me!

On this tiny piece of linen,
I cried a million tears or so.
Bury it in the garden of the place,
I once called home.

Oh! Ireland my Ireland
It's the place I long to be.
I left my heart in Ireland,
in that Chapel by the sea.
I can hear my Mother calling,
My boy come back to me.

by Lauretta P. Burns

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what type of poem is this and is it published?
Really great. I've been in Dublin Ireland once. stayed there for about 2 months not that iam from Ireland or Irish but, i went to visit a couple of people Its beautiful country This Poem Kinda reminds me of my visit Iam gona have to give you a ten 10++++
I am reading all the Burns poets on this site. Wish I had read this one before I left for Ireland in May. I spent 10 days there, my first visit ever, and though it is not my home, I wish it were. Next time I go, I will think of your poem, whic is quite is lovely and evocative. Thank you
Being Irish I might be bias but that is a lovely poem All the best Ian