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Ireland Now A Prosperous Nation

In the Ireland I grew up in many lived in poverty
But Nowadays in the old Country there is great prosperity
There is peace in Northern Ireland such good news is good to hear
And the future looks bright for Ireland that is how it would appear
In enterprise and technology Ireland nowadays leads the way
'Tis a different Ireland I knew from the Ireland of today
Once it's main export was people and people to there now migrate
The twenty first century Ireland has become a prosperous State
Many Irish people prospering once of such few dared to dream
Change in Ireland for the better going by reports from there 'twould seem
Once one of Europe's poorest but not one of the poorest anymore
The economy is booming on Hibernia's green old shore
People migrating to Ireland from poor Countries far away
Ireland now a prosperous Nation thought I'd never see that day.

by Francis Duggan

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