Passion, Purpose & Profession

When people talk of what to do
They say find your passion and stay with that
But for some others, their what to do
Is to find your purpose and go with that.
Now, with conflicting views on what to do
Many can’t seem to choose a profession
And the indecision on what to do
Result in long-standing confusion.

In my case, there’s the passion I love to do:
Weave deep words and make them flow
But there’s also the purpose I need to do:
Educate, inspire, and help many grow.
So I decided on what I’d do:
Find a way to explore both worlds
So now you see just what I do:
Help many grow by weaving words.

Have you discovered what you must do?
The path that’s meant just for you
You sure can work out what you should do
By letting my story inspire you.
And note that deciding is a must to do
As fast as time would let you
So begin in earnest on what you should do
For the earlier you start the better for you.

by Viola Akhigbe

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