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Ironies And Absurdities
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Ironies And Absurdities

I can barely breathe
through the
poisonous fumes
of carbon monoxide
emitting from the
obsolete vehicle
I drive to the

Tourists grumble
about the heat
in Florida
while construction
of another Publix
one hundred acres
of nature's cooling

News of another captured
and subsequently murdered
alligator soothes
the minds of many
residents bent on
denying their own

Children curse
their parents
who allowed
the television
to raise their babies
then wonder where
they went wrong
by sending their
ill-equipped offspring
to deal
with an unfair
and uncaring society.

Wal-Mart and Blockbuster
on every other corner
bleeds the American dream
from the life-line
of a country
the world take notice
of our great freedom
and liberties.

My elderly aunt
suffers from the ravages
of Alzheimer's
while I drive my
cancer-riddled dog
in my carbon monoxide
emitting car
to the vet
to be released
from his never-ending

I see institutions
built for religion
the Tibetan tradition
in the name of
preserving culture
on another continent
by the same government
who requires
my Tribe to submit
a fifty page form
requesting permission
to have a

In the name of justice
a dominant people
dictates how
another country
should conduct
the business of
a land they intend
to export jobs to
that will render
their own people
without hope
who will wonder
why they didn't

A Native American Indian
shakes away
the thoughts provoked
by the question
of the land today
as opposed to the
savage new world
celebrated in the guise
of seeking freedom
against their
in a world where today
there are few freedoms left.

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Comments (1)

I think the poem's well titled. The sentences are all concrete and direct. I don't know if I'd agree with your political conclusion, but you make some good points.