JB (12/06/1990 / Missoula, MT)


For 3 long years, I still come home,
to the same old words, 'you're no good.'

It happens when I turn my wheel.
Looking over the dashboard wood.

Seeing the house, it brings up hate,
because my parents are inside.

perhaps I do not work enough,
a reason they don't show me pride.

Maybe I was just dumb enough
to ask what dish mom was making.

usually they don't have to know
Why they tell the toll I'm taking.

Once I snapped, I was letting loose.
to one word, I lost all control.

My parents, with their simple lives,
would call me irresponsible?

I don't find it fair in knowing
I achieve three times their doing.

and for once in those 3 long years,
I handed out their own chewing.

School and work, with 3 jobs a week,
FFA,2 events at state.

And still, I have not yet to find
a stretch to fit upon my plate.

I will not stand that single word
when spoken to my very face.

I work this hard, and they don't see,
so I won't have their own disgrace.

by Jesse Bauer

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