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I'm Not That Citizen
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

I'm Not That Citizen

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Irreverently relevant and often despised,
By their insights to be critized...
Are the ones who had in the past or still have,
Offended others who refuse...
To accept observations appearing clear in view.
Although willing to admit they do to accuse,
Such observations as being abusive.
Without considering to face or see,
Events that are real they would rather dismiss...
To wish them disbelieved.

And from the existence of recognized time,
Whether they be poets, prophets...
Or those with conscious minds,
Connecting the dots without seeking profit...
To comprehend to understand a picture as 'is',
So many pretend a doing of this is negative.
And these are the people wise and adventurous,
Who are not afraid to investigate reality.
A kept fear most people keep,
As a choice to choose from lessons taught to teach.

Distorted is a truth and anyone opposing delusions,
Are often mistreated until it becomes exposed...
Those who have created their realities to keep,
Weep uncontrollably...
When sharing their confusion and conflicts with others,
Congregating under steeples...
Praying on their knees to be freed and released,
From dilemmas they've initiated but claim to seek peace.

'God, please help us comprehend,
Why messages from 'You' we refuse to accept them sent.
Or believe a word spoken to ignore,
Has its consequences.
Dear God can 'You' help us know the difference,
Between ignorance and common sense.'

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