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Irving And Ahmadinejad Make The Case
FB Frank Bana ( / )

Irving And Ahmadinejad Make The Case

I'm glad David Irving is free
He should never have been on trial
Nor jailed on charges in Austria
Of Holocaust denial

I am glad of Ahmadinejad
And his conference on how many
Of my people were murdered
In gas chambers. If any.

Our Shoah should never cease to be
The ground of fierce debate
Its meaning for humanity
Its horror and its weight

They serve us, these provocateurs
To confirm we're hated well
To keep our vigilance, or be
Dispatched again to hell.

Reminding us to speak and witness
Not just for ourselves
But for all the persecuted
Peoples of this earth. (*)

Those who live among survivors
Know each Shoah is unique:
The depths of human cruelty
Are familiar and antique.

And concerning all the History
They would steal and then erase:
Their hatred and our evidence
Will forever make the case.

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