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Is Education A Business?
NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

Is Education A Business?

Poem By Nadalia Bagratuni

Is Education A Business

Is education a business
Or should it even be?

This is a question, which has always bothered me!
What is the purpose of educating students?

Should we pay more to teachers
Or could we do something even more prudent?

If you listen to some administrators the problem is money
When asked they will say, ' There simply is not enough to have any! '

If this were truly the problem the cure could be
Raise our already high taxes to what they really should be.

However, money may not be solely the answer
The question moreover they said coldly may actually be,
' We simply aren't teaching the students enough,
They are not passing the tests! '

To which the brilliant educational bureaucrat sadly laments.' We need more money to teach to the Test! '

Remember John Dewey, the man who organized the library, he also lend theories to straighten up our schools.

His applied theories were successful,
His students succeeded,
But was it his message that we heeded?

Dewey taught us that if we taught for learning,
We wouldn't look back,
Instead we would look forward,
And every press on, everyone succeeded all over the town.

You see this is learning, just plain and simple!

Lower the taxes,
Lower the tests,
Raise the bar of learning,
That is truly how our students learn best!

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Dose anyone know this poem was published?
Give them the tools: -) well said