SJ (1991 / arizona)

Is Everyone Numb Nowadays?

Is everyone,
Try to get rid,
of the pain,
in Any,
Try to hide how you feel,
but still you display,
How much time does it truly,
when you hide from the pain,
can't face what you feel,
can't feel what you face,
it seems to be...
to embrace,
you just know you can't deal,
with the truth..
not today...
You force yourself to go on,
no boundaries,
to stay behind,
you just test yourself,
until the day,
you pray to die...

I've been down that road before,
never wanna go there again,
stay away form the people I knew,
go to places that are my safe haven,
I don't wanna be there anymore,
and as of right now i refuse,
the compromise that i once knew.
...Is no more....(no more)

So if you're at that place right now,
when everything is so screwed up all the time,
you never get your fair shot,
to express your own song and rhyme,
you've been given no control,
of your own life,
and the people around you,
don't understand your strife,
and you're broken inside,
because of this incredible pain,
and you wish so hard it would just go away,
well now here's an answer,
that will bring you up to speed,
because i know the exact thing that you do need.

It's not sex,
or drugs,
or drinking,
oh..those things are fun,
but keep you happy,
but this i know will sustain you,
and the thing i speak of is
the way,
the truth,
and the life,
I speak of God,
unlike drinking,
he is no fraud,
ask him now,
into your heart,
and he'll show you how,
to get a new start.

(if you have any questions write me)

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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JESUS SAVES - thats for sure