Is He Messin With Her Head?

Is he messin with her head
when he tells her

'I'll cange for you,
i swear it on my dad's grave,
no crosses count,
i CANT loose you!
The times when were together,
it feels like im in Heaven,
Everytime i see you smile,
my heart lights up,
Everytime i hear your laughter,
my problems are gone,
everytime you tell me 'bye'
a part of me is gone,
i know ive hurt you soo many times,
i promise you,
if you give me one more chance,
one more chance,
ill change,
and show you the side of me,
that you fell in love with,
when we first got together,
PLEASE, just one more time! '

Again I'll ask
Is he messin with her head?

by Selena Star

Comments (3)

He probably is... hense y I don't trust most guys anymore. Good poem.
Words of contrition set between two bookends of the same question. Like the structure of this one and the cynical tone. There is something essentially truthful about your work. love, Allie xxxx
Its' always a possibility.