Is Heaven Still Up There

Withering crosses in your eyes, they remind me of our innocent times, when we both played til we died, The day we first met in the autumn perplexed through the thick candle smoke, singing heavenly I saw you there, My weary heart beaten so fast, could barely hold a bible in my hands, and that devotion in your face when you said His name Oh God, how I miss that sweet taste!
My sweet grape wine you smelled so divine I wanted you in no time, You and I at first we were so shy, I couldn't even look you in the eyes, but then you smiled the heavens shine As I whisper your name I already feel thy warm mouth around my dirty fame underneath my soutane you are safe and suddenly I bless thy face screaming Gods name, But why that time inside the confessional veiled on my laps you got scared, No other boy cared, but you, you had to yell like a madman, did you forget who you are? , It was I who taught you behave because it's that what the Almighty says and you clearly forgot how to be fucking a man! You know there was no other choice I had to silence that blasphemous voice, I Grabbed rosary up from my sleeve to make you see your little world fleet, Angels tears and fear on your face, is heaven still up there? A silent scream pierced my ears, didn't drop a single tear, yet something was creeping, Fucking weakling, be brave, wrath upon the Gods worshipers who disobey, Crackling and rattling your thin neck sang, Crackling and rattling it violently sang then suddenly it snapped A soothing breeze came through, as I dropped the correction tool The execution got cold can't be true, In my arms shivering I could still hear your heavy breathing, muttering something of Eden, as I took your broken soul down the stairs, down into the cellar of the church, where everything will end, The putrid stench of the old cell Don't know how long I will stand you chocking your last chords, behind the black door I kneel down and tightly squeeze cross to my chest, the callous shotgun barrel doesn't even scare

by Vilius Vai

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