SB (03-06-1990 / coimbatore (now in chennai) ..)

Is Hunting Fun! ?

Incadescent sun concealed behind mountains,
I had my bobbin packed in bag,
daring to go about an adventurous hunting
taking hand grandpa's blunderbuss,
I set off without any fuss.

Blusters blew swirling dead gleble,
through dark black forest, I tread.
splendent torch glew red,
looking forward a nice knock,
Waited for a good stock.

I sighted deer through gleam
eyes twinkled green,
Aimed perfect, with one eye closed
The moment, a sharp thorn pricked my feet
I screamed 'ouch! ! '.Realised the intense pain.

I beat my breast for being bearish
towards animals of benevolence behaviour,
Had I a thoughtful lesson-
a true lesson to every jaeger.
I turned home being corrected.

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