Is Ignorance Really Bliss

Godly Knowledge is rare today, as we're told that ignorance is bliss,
Take a look into some of the faces that you simply just can't miss.

As you look in their eyes, is there an inner peace and joy displayed,
Or do you see an unsettled darkness that almost appears engraved?

Your eyes The Lord had said are the windows to the soul, to see,
A little tiny glimpse my friend, of what kind of person they may be.

If his eyes are bad, The Lord said, his body is filled with darkness,
If this is so, I can assure you now that he is not filled with bliss.

If his eyes are good, again He said, his body is filled with light,
Therefore friend, I can assure you that he's on a path that's right.

Now that we are Children of God we no longer belong to the night,
For when we became Born Again we truly received new sight.

This new sight we receive brings a true understanding of our Lord,
He is the only one you see, who should not and will not be ignored.

To continue to willfully ignore The Lord's awesome revelation,
Will bring you not a life of bliss, but also eternal condemnation.

So ignorance my friend, is definitely not the path for you to take,
For those who do are the only people that He will eternally forsake.

So knowledge of The Lord, not ignorance, is the key to the only door,
To a life of bliss with The Savior down here, and life forevermore.

(Copyright © 04/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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