Is Immortality Possible?

Death is a destiny for the living beings;
Life after death! Yes, we believe there is!
But life after death we can’t say
What we will be like where as
It is not in our hands to decide.
Can we be born again as we wish?
Perhaps our wish and the Creator’s are the same!

Without sleep we cannot live;
Without life there cannot be death;
And without death there cannot be any life!
Life and death in this world we see;
But life and death in that world we don’t see!

After destruction of plants there is regeneration in Nature;
After death there may be Resurrection for the Holy Ghost.

But after man’s death, it would be horrible
If there is resurrection in the human world!
So, the Spirit of man from and to where
Has to come and go is kept a Secret!

As to the desire memory remains immortal
To fulfil man’s destiny in the world;
And after death there can be rebirth
Only for purification and perfection.
But the Memory Disc of the Dead Man
May be programmed in a Robot or Cyborg
To carry out the pending works in the future
Possibly longer to a logical conclusion only!

by Ramesh T A

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