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A Caring Friend
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Caring Friend

Poem By Joseph T. Renaldi

Is it,
Too much to ask...
For some attention given,
To be returned to me...
As my giving it to you to receive,
Taken to get.

Is it,
A possibility...
My feelings for you,
Yours I believed...
Were only felt temporarily.

Is it,
My wish to have you in my life...
Frightens you to admit,
My willingness to commit...
Is not what you want,
With that kept to remain...
At the top of your list.
Is it,
Or something else I've overlooked.
Not to see clearly.

Is it my seriousness that conflicts,
To not understand your game plan....
You're discovering I don't fit.
Is it my quickess to express and expect,
You to be a part of my life forever?
And that thought alone,
Scares you to death?
Is it 'that' you are wishing me hear.
Or is it someone other you play.
And I am just a tool you like to use,
When it's convenient to have it your way.

Is it,
Or something else I have missed.
Is it?

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