Is It?

The dusk is falling softly on the ruin on
the hill
In the mellow shades of autumn the fields lie
green & still:
Stealing through the evening shadows is a
holy peace & fair,
Is it just the charm of starlight, or
because you're walking there?
through eternity between us still your
face keeps smiling through
With its glory of the sundown come
memories of you
Something gleams as we remember at
day's end & with the dawn,
Is it dew or silver tear drops
for the one who has passed on?
there's a hush upon the players, mid
the chatter & chaff
Did you hear a sound die faintly,
like the echo of a laugh?
There's a hush among the watchers
when the game at last is won
Is it just the joy of victory, do
they hear of soft "well done?"
Though there's gaiety & revels when the
dance is at its height
Memory crowds & through the windows
someone peers into the night
Through a mist of past & present gazes dimly
at the skies
In the starlight bringing comfort, or a pair
smiling eyes?
Is this just an idle fancy, just a
dream that brings you near?
With your soul beyond the starlight
can you still be walking here?
Everywhere you seem to linger, can you
also not forget?
Is it haunting reminiscence, are
you really with us yet.

by Eve Sewell-Shaw

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