KP (04-11-62 / Orlando, Florida)

Is It A Man's World

Let men say whatever they will
For women will rule them still

Yes, let men think they rule the world
And run the government too
But little do they know
That every seed they sow
Is planted for a woman's view

If it wasn't for a woman
Who would a man talk to
And to whom would he confide
And tell of his feelings that are held
deep inside

If it wasn't for a woman
To whom would a man show off
And who could he impress
Who would find his matching sock
When he is in the room getting dressed

If not for a woman
Why the need to go to the gym
To look all fit and trim
Cause there would be no reason
When there's no one to be pleasin
Stuck in a world filled with just men

If not for a woman
Where would a man go
And what would he do
Make dinner reservations for one
Or dinner reservations for two

If not for a woman
What would your home look like
When you enter through your front door
Would it be all cozy and warm
With the fireplace going and a throw rug
on the floor
Or would it be all cold
With lit up pictures advertising beer
Deer heads on the walls
And a sign saying'man cave here'

If it wasn't for a woman
There would be no family
No kids running up to you after work
No 'i love you daddy' pictures
No goodnight whispers
No more baby drool on your favorite shirt

If it wasn't for a woman
What's the need for a nice car
Driving around with your windows rolled
Looking all good, but no women to be found
And it's all men at the local bars

If it wasn't for a woman
Why the need for a vacation
For everyday would be one
Swimming all alone
No 'i miss you's' on the phone
In a hotel room with a twin bed watching a
local tv station

If it wasn't for a woman
Who would make you feel brave
And listen to all of your stories
Like the bear you chased away
On that camping trip last May
Only a woman can make a man forget about
his worries

If it wasn't for a woman
There would be no more sports
Men just like playing them
Because women keep on praising them
With admiration and their loving support

If it wasn't for a woman
Why would you need money
For we are the ones who spend it
And you love it that way
Cause you feel appreciated each day
When a woman makes you think she's dependent

If it wasn't a woman
Who would love you and hold your hand
When you are old and your hair's all gray
You can't hear
You can't walk anymore
And your life's starting to fade

So what would the world be like
Without a woman in sight
It's like imagining the world without beauty
For the whole reason man is here
Is to keep their women safe from all fear
Cause a man could not live without booty!

Let's face it
The world would be a drag
Without a woman to be had
And men just simply could not make it

So i say again...
Let men say whatever they will
For women will rule them still

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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A lovely poem, well articulated and penned with insight to capture the essence of woman in the life of man. Indeed, it is the inherent desire of men to please their women that give women power over men. A nice piece of poetry. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.