Is It A Shame?

Veni vidi vici,
so, was it Heyerdahl
snug on the great Kontiki
who then denied it all?
They spotted in their travels
imperfect specimens
when DNA unravels
incrimination wins.
Yet those of us who slither
unnoticed into grief
we are condemned to dither
suspend our own belief.
The climber was ignored
and left in snow to die
while human beings scored
so close to God's own sky
much glory for their name
as few have what it takes
to overcome the shame
prioritizing stakes
Humanity has lost
its heart up in the ice
one sees not what the cost
and plays this game of dice.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (3)

Yes, Herbs, it IS a shame, and you convey this so well in this well-structured, well-rhymed piece of writing. BUT you mustn't tar the whole of humanity with the same brush, Herbs; there are many good people around. Two such people have left comments below. G.
Angie, if you were OBESE, dressed in rags, covered with tar and feathers....I would always hold still for you to land on me. In fact I am drooling now. Best Hx
Herbert you're always a pleasure to land upon in my PH travels. Thanks for sharing your creative work. , :) Angie.