Is It All A Game

When she places her hand upon his knee
She feels she can abandon her control
She speaks of what excites her
She surrenders to his touch
She holds in the fear she feels
Wishing only to open her heart to joy
Needing to feel as one

The air wavers in the intensity
The passion is immense
Bodies are moving in time
She has wanted this release
Has dreamt of how it will be
Echoes of the time gone

As the intensity grows
Tears flow down her face
She turns away so he cant see
She again begins to play the game

She moves with him
Making his desire great
Knows all the moves he requires
To take him to explosion
But already her heart is closed

She has felt the joy of mutual love
Explored the paths of pleasure
But has had that stolen away
Why does she grasp at that she cant hold
Angry that she cannot let go
She stares deep into his eyes
Ensuring him of how great it was.

More tears will be shed
Maybe next time she will be freed

by Alison Smith

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This is very good, a painful expose well scripted. Well done!