BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Is It Bad?

Is it bad
when I call you at night?
When your voice lights my night
like a shining star?

Is it bad
that I love you?
That I never
want to let you go?

Is it bad
how I want to give you the world?
How I hurt
when you are in pain?

Is it bad
that I think these things?
I believe not,
because I love you.

Is it bad
that love makes me this way?
I wouldn't know,
because I never loved like this before.

Is it bad
that you are my guiding star?
That you hold my heart
in your gentle hands?

I think not,
because I love you.

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Comments (1)

wow...not it is not bad at all to love someone with all ur heart....