(702) Poemhunters A Family Needs Your Prayers

Father today I come to you with a heavy heart, a heart that is saddened and crying out for your help. Father this week a family is in great pain, for they have lost a loved one in such a brutal way. A hard working woman of 40 years old, walking home from work, minding her own business, but she didn’t make it Lord. No my Father, she didn’t make it, she was followed, beaten, raped and murdered. A mother of 5 sons, working hard to save money to send to the Philipines for her sons and husband to come to Canada to live a better life. Oh Father, now she ‘s not here any longer, taken by a ruthless, heartless killer.
I’m told Father that I should pray for this killer, forgive me my King, this I can not do. Maybe another time perhaps, another day when I can think clearly. Today I focus my prayers on the deceased woman and her precious family.
The pain will be heavy and hard to deal with but with your help Father anything is possible. Please Lord put the blood of Jesus over them and give them the strength they need to move forward. Father over these next few days and weeks, their eyes will fill with tears, their minds filled with questions asking why did this happen. Only you can pull them through Lord, only you have the answers, only you can soothe them and give them your heavenly love.
Father the perpetrator beat this poor lady so bad, that the family couldn’t indentify her so it would definitely appear that she suffered tremendously. Father I want to believe that you took her to be with you long before the brutal blows were landed, that she was already sitting by your side.
Yes Father, I’m troubled and having a very difficult time trying to understand this. Why Lord, please talk to me so that I can understand why a young fellow like this, at the age of 21 could be so evil. Lord I pray that you accept Arcelie into your kingdom, so that she will walk with you and enjoy the freedom of everlasting life. I know that she is in your hands now Lord and that you will take good care of her.
Father God I ask that you give the family strength to carry on with their lives and I thank you Father for those that came forward and offered help in a financial way. I ask Lord that you impress on the minds of those than can afford to give in a generous way, that this situation could happen to anyone, no one is an exception. Father please help the family to keep all the little children under one roof, I pray that they never be separated.
Lord for the family members that had to view the body and see the after effects of the brutaliy, oh Lord please help them to overcome Lord. Help them to take that picture out of their minds and remember how beautiful Arcelie was.
Father, wrap your arms around this family, hold them close, don’t let their minds wonder, keep them focused on what they have to do and Lord please keep them out-of-harms way.

Written: Jan 27/2008
It is crucial that you realize every word of this is true. In fact it happened a little over a week ago, here in Calgary, Alberta. Poemhunters please pray for Arcelie and her family, prayers are powerful and right now Arcelie’s family needs your prayers.

by Melvina Germain

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theres always one time it is never to late only one time
Destruction is their motive - Death, mutilation, pain Their playing cards, The joker is wild; Spawn of the devil? its alos rich poem as your whole poetry is..depth od idea make me think that you are some how philosopher type..and the innovation is found in yout poetry and the way you write in excellent and heart felt 10/10
'And could you ever love enough To change the tide From bad to good, To save a soul................. Is it ever too late? ' Excellent piece. Happy ending. Love it.10++
So long as there's space, air and time....It's never too late to nourish the mind Powerful, oratorial render, Midnight...This is good news for Team Obama, who is no doubt running out of excuses for why he must speechread off a mobile teleprompter whether it be sitting with Larry King or sitting on the john! ...and the answer is...he needs a good spokesperson, who is also a speechwriter...and Midnight, you & i will make history...For you, would be the first woman who was both a spokesperson & speechwriter for a U.S.President & for me, it would mark the 1st time, i ever supported a bleeding heart liberal for a U.S. Cabinet position! LOL! Great piece of work, Linda...Commanding, yet eloquent! Frankie J.