Is It Her Touch!

Poem By Geoff Warden

Falling, like raindrops from the sky,
Touching every emotion, every sense,
Bringing dead cells back to life,
Gently invoking that crazed twinge,
And she knows she does every time,
Reach the inner depth of the soul,
And with invisible touch that she has,
Wraps each word, each syllable,
So as to plant seeds of growth,
And waters so to bare the fruit,
Unafraid to toil in the soil,
She always has her way...........

This be the touch of a woman.....

And the touch much desired........

GJW 22/02/07

Comments about Is It Her Touch!

Wonderful write Geoff, this reminds me of your capability to evoke the feminine side in a masculine way..........Diane
Well done....both in what you are saying and how you are saying it. I prefer your non bardian technique: -) Love..TO
This is wonderful Geoff, flowing smoothly on the page you truly are a master at your craft best wishes Lynda xx
Sir Geoff>>>Splendid, crafting, here, my good friend....Smooth as silk are your words and the way they free-flow....Solid Penning! F J R
Enlightened men, blessed in the experience and knowing it - well, that's half of everything, quite possibly. You express this knowledge beautifully! Esther : ]

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