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Is It In The Messages
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Is It In The Messages

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

An ignorance kept.
To knowingly depend upon.
As if a safety net.
Has begun to prove self defeating.
For anyone who lives yet not question.
The series of current negative events.
Allowed and occurring in their lives.
Without attempts to try to prevent them.
Can only be advocates of their own demise.
Since faith and feeling helpless takes,
A lot of faking of having...
Steadfast devotion to beliefs to claim.
Remaining hypocritical has its followers.
With it perceived,
The Almighty God understands.
Why His devotees take steps to deceive.
And would rather be of good intentions.
These pretentions mentioned,
Come from hogs washing in a pig sty.
Attempting to cleanse the affects,
Of lies they tell to do so well.
Although the doing of this leaves many,
Feeling relieved from being depicted...
As an attention seeker.
One who speaks truth to reveal it as is.
Although all will confess,
When conveniently observed on knees...
Praying to have it perceived,
That a confessed loyalty to enact...
Should convince others to believe.
They too know the power of God.
And this power chases away all evil.
Yet it is God, The Most High and Mighty.
In realms beyond visions to see.
Left not to understand.
Is it in the messages sent?
The content?
Or could it be the many messengers,
Delivering the messages.
That those who are hypocrites resist?
To leave God baffled.
As to which has more importance.
Is it the answers to their prayers,
That is wished?
Or is it their ignorance wished kept.
With a desire to remain petty.
And God should have their hypocrisies,
To hear with them heard understood.

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