PO (23/3/87 / Bournemouth)

Is It Just A Joke To Them

is it just a joke to them
making me feel like shit
making me feel like i dont belong
just because i dont like mindless music
just because i dont like putting gum inside a friends locker
just because i dont like starting trouble
just because i dont steal
just because i dont steal!
who are they to say i dont fit in
who are they to say that i dont belong
their no one
they dont belong

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Comments (5)

I think it sounds like you've got your head on pretty straight! (Crazy as heck........and I like that!) Sincerely, Mary
I love this poem especially the last bit *they dont belong* its awesome. keep it up
Tell me you're joking, right?
Hey Pickled, you have a hell of a lot of energy and..................! Why not try and write with a little more control. There is a poet on line named Sherrie Gonzales Kolb. She also has a lot of energy! ! ! ! Read some of her writing. You might find some real inspiration there.
You're just a joke to us. Tell me, you know this hospital you're in, is it in Bournmouth? It must smell so bad...