Is It Just Me

Life hates me, and I still don't know why
, im here alone and I figure out why I have no one, but myself
and not even myself wants me.
Is life a man or a woman,
no matter what it is it doesn't like me
, while I cry on this page and my tears wipe away my words
, as for if I have any more words to speak,
for if my words love me.
The one question in my head will always be the number one question
, and it will always be WHY?
Why do I live, for I don't want to live no longer,
why do I waste this breathe, for I don't need to breathe....
life will be so much better without me...I think its just me=(

by luisa sanchez

Comments (3)

Have faith in the Almighty, and have faith in your abilities. You have talent, that's for sure, and you have a fighting spirit too. You can do it, and you will............
Hey come on. You write well and i hope its a work of fiction.
awwwwwww thats sad! ! ! ! ! ! ! but people can relate to it! ! ! ! !