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Is It Love

Im not afraid to live my life
i need to find my paradise
i cant live like this
im hating my life
i need some one 2 bring me to life

baby you made me appriciate my life
now im feeling that i am on top of the world
your are my bridge that carrys me over the bad times

you make me feel warm
you make me feel happy
you make me feel on top of the world
you make me see life
you make me see love
and best of you u showed me you loved me

now were over do you still think of me
look at me im falling apart but look at me
im buliding bridges to start over again
it not working i feel like a prisoner
u asked so many question
but im going to think twice before i start over again

you made me feel warm
you made me feel happy
you made me feel on top of the world
you made me see life
you made me see love
and worst of you never loved me

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