is It Me

Is it me the one that is to blame
Is it my fault that you're so lame
You say you like me,
You're the only one so blind you can't see

The feelings for me are all fake
It never moves hearts, it's as still as a lake
You think I'm cruel, but you're worse
When I was different you didn't look at me, now you say that I have gaven you a curse

You couldn't have her, my sister_my friend now you say that you love me
How I laugh at your words, knowing that you still like her is what make me more mad

Know tell me, if you still feel for her, why lie and say you love me

by Karla Robles

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If you would permit me to offer some advice? I say, kick his ass to the curb! ! ! Take care...good luck...then again, luck isn't a factor in life. Be safe.