(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Cell Phone Junkies - Drugless Addiction

Hey! There’s a new drug on the scene
Incessant mumbling of the cell phone fiend
They’re called cell phone junkies
And they emulate copy-cat monkeys

Ubiquitous industrial psychology
Producing addictive technology
Flooding the product to the people
The rich, the poor, the sane, the feeble

Intoxicating with communication power
Available every second, every minute, every hour
Electromagnetic radiation to your ear
Brain cancer? Have no fear?

When mentioned: a possibility
They laugh and respond: low probability
Feelings are twenty years hence, probably be dead
Does it really matter what chatter in my head?

Friends say “leave the dark ages, get a CP”
The science is still out, so please let me be
Urge to sell - addiction to talk
Deems them safe as we drive and walk

Snatches of conversation in passing
Give brief insight, never lasting
Little companion always at my side
Keeping me company, lifting false pride

Hey! Look at me I’m talking on a cell phone
I’m so modern, so cool, never alone!
I’m important with things to say
Phone service charges, must pay

Take my phone – a crime worse than death
It’s the only friend I have left
Have you had your fix today?
Pick up your CP, call someone right away

Can you hear me now as I’m walking
Oh, never mind, just keep talking
Can you hear me now, you’re breaking up
Out of range, out of luck

Temptation is there, I must admit
Not quite ready to commit
There goes a cell phone junkie
Emulating the copy-cat monkey

And the chatter goes on and on
Via cell phones all over the world
Spinning voices in a chattering twirl….

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God created all things, including you and me. People who don't believe in God are those who talk of 'Mother Nature'. Nice poem.