Is It Over? .

Instead of the sunbeam-soaked laughter we knew,
Buoying us through restive days,
We've become strangers who noddingly pass,
And we're busy with seperate ways.

Tolerance and silence now govern our time
Spent together, with ever more space
Between briefer glimpses we sigh as we part
Every past bonding we seek to efface.

Where went the faces we clownishly pulled?
The soap-suds we shared in the bath?
Wrinkled-up noses when relatives called.
Silly mad phrases which made us both laugh.

Must we play out this obtuse masquerade?
Cloaking hurt as it appears?
Paltry-poor habits - demeaning such love
Which rewarded each need, over years.

Is it all over? Has time at last gone?
Will any dim flame ever grow?
If there's one match to kindle, let it ignite.
If not, - will you please let me know?

by Fay Slimm

Comments (3)

again a wise peice from a wise lady, there is some lovely lines in this poem and although its a little sombre in theme, the refeclections on the past, lift the mood and show a way foward even if it is by looking back to our past ways, the stanza with the lines about the laughter in the bath tub with the soap suds is universal and one of which the majority of us can relate, and remember with fondness with much respect Vincent
I heard a similar story to this the other day & my feeling was that life takes its toll on love & soon as one recognises what has gone wrong, can get straight to work at making everything alright again... that's my two cents... 'Hopeful' romantic that I am :) Let the bubbles begin!
What happened to the love light, in each others eyes both hearts are now strangers, , they've said their goodbye's the flame of passion now spent ash on the ground the emptiness i feel when your not around