'' Their Future Is Ours To Pursue ''

It may come as a blow,
But our legacy will show,
To extinctions we closed our eyes,
Our intelligence in reality was in fact low,
We ignored our future demise.

The new born child,
Will grow up riled,
That we've left their generation bereft,
For what we've done we'll be reviled,
For them there is nothing left.

We made it our vow,
To live for now,
Our lives weren't based on need,
How they'd survive we did not care how,
Everything we did was for greed.

For their future years,
We didn't shed tears,
We took without ever giving,
We totally ignored that we were their peers,
Yes, we are the reason they're living.

It was trouble we stored,
The warnings we ignored,
But the Earth we continued to plunder,
We refused to take nature's warnings on board,
That was a terrible blunder.

Though it wasn't fair,
We just didn't care,
That our children would struggle to survive,
At their barren planet they now stand and stare,
It is they not us who're alive.

Before it's too late,
Let's sort out their fate,
Our contempt we need to subdue,
Don't leave behind a legacy of hate,

‘' Their Future Is Ours To Pursue ‘'

by Bri Mar

Comments (3)

again a wise peice from a wise lady, there is some lovely lines in this poem and although its a little sombre in theme, the refeclections on the past, lift the mood and show a way foward even if it is by looking back to our past ways, the stanza with the lines about the laughter in the bath tub with the soap suds is universal and one of which the majority of us can relate, and remember with fondness with much respect Vincent
I heard a similar story to this the other day & my feeling was that life takes its toll on love & soon as one recognises what has gone wrong, can get straight to work at making everything alright again... that's my two cents... 'Hopeful' romantic that I am :) Let the bubbles begin!
What happened to the love light, in each others eyes both hearts are now strangers, , they've said their goodbye's the flame of passion now spent ash on the ground the emptiness i feel when your not around