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Is It Pleasure Or Sin?
SP ( / Mumbai)

Is It Pleasure Or Sin?

The Touch of my Bosom
On your Chest,
I’ll wait for the day
When East meets West.

The Feel of my Fingers
On your Face,
Making Love
In a lilting pace…

My Lips on your Mouth
Suckling Slow,
As if they have
Nowhere to go…!

My Hands on your Arms
Sliding through
Panting to glide
All over you…

My Smell and your Sweat
Mingling in…
For us to feel
The passion within

Your Body, A Paper
My Passion, A Poetry
With Love I Write,
How You Fulfill Me…

You spurt out
And I give in
Tell Me, My Love
Is it pleasure or sin?

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Comments (2)

A beautiful poem with a nice imagery.
Deep sensitive feelings lurking inside your heart captured in creative outbursts and frozen into words. Thank god for the arts - the windows through which our feelings are ventilated.