Dreams And Reality

Dreaming, dreaming of you every night.
You are the love, and beauty that brightens my life,
That I write of in reality,

You inspire me, to write words of love, beauty, and hope.
I would die,
If you stopped coming to me in dreams.

If the only reality is,
To touch you, my sweet fantasy,
Is in nightly dreams, let it be so!

Let me love you, love you forever in dreams.

You are my vision of beauty, my inspiration, my love.
And at dawn, every day,

I pray!

Fate will build a bridge,
That will allow our Souls to cross the great distance,
Between dreams and reality,

So that I may feel your warm breath upon my neck,
As you whisper,
Welcome to my world my fantasy, my dream.

by Ronald Chapman

Comments (27)

This poem has strong echoes for the degenerate state of affairs of our times. One can get a glimpse into the rotten condition of the much hyped golden era of Elabethan rule. ----Dr Sharad Rajimwale
Positiveness! With the muse of life. Thanks for sharing.
Everything is possible in this world. Only you need will to do it.Thsnks for sharing.
With a complex human mind yes all is possible. Very interesting poem. All emotions expressing so clearly and in the end we are left with one amazed feeling. All is possible on the stage of life.
'All is possible' is the ultimate answer to all the questions encountered by the poet. Thanks.
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