Is It True?

Poem By Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

They told me what you said but I didn't believe them
Here I am standing like a fool by my window
Wondering what I should do or what I should say to you
But I am giving you this time to tell me the truth
Because there is nothing that hurts the most
More than being in love alone

Give me a reason to believe my love
Since you have never told me the difference from what they're saying
You haven't gave me any prove not to believe them, so
Don't tell me not to listen to them because you don't talk to me
What did you miss from what we had that pushed you far from me?
Talk to me, tell me, and help me

Sitting on your front porch
Do you remember that time how real it was?
The moment our bodies felt the deep magic through
The magic that I don't seem to forget even now I am hurt
But my heart still on the replay of what should I believe
So, tell me if what they say is all forged and wrong

Look deep in my eyes and say they are mistaken
Help my soul to carry on with what love is about
Not about "Why or What did you have to hurt me this much? "
Because my heart is done dealing with the self-talking to
I want to know if it is true
Then maybe, just maybe I can move from this

Is it true what they're saying?
Or Should I ignore their words existence?
Please talk to me, tell me how wrong they are
Save my heart from this misery myth that it's going through
Not knowing is killing me so softly
I feel like I have been shot and killed by love

Is true that they did see the two of you kissing?
Holding hands, walking on by the beach?
That used to be our secret place from the rest of the world
I need to know if my heart to you seems easy playing with
Tell me if you were joking when you said that you love me?
Or you were just in love with the idea of being in love
I can't stop thinking that something was off

If my love seemed for lease to you
Apparently you never wanted to care about me
Because that's the you treated me
Like I am a bargained shameful used car
In a dealership where no one wants to buy it
Even if prices are dropped down to the free shipping

Stop and stare for a while
Count up the years of living
Life is short and shorter to live it by yourself
Feeling sorry for what you've done to the one who cared
Excuse my anger and agony, I am just saying
So put me out of my misery and tell me, is it true?

Comments about Is It True?

good poem... great way to show your feelings and.... sometimes we shouldn`t believe in our friend`s words... i know a lot of stories with bad end because of somebody wrong word or joke or something else... we must listen to our hearts... our mind and think, before doing something.

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