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Is It True?
LMG (May 12,1991, / Aurora)

Is It True?

It hit me hard.
I fell.
I cried.
I howled.

I screamed,
At the world,
For letting this happen.
But it wasn't the world's fault.

Its just life.
And it takes its toll.
No one can really do anything.
The people don't have that control.

I stood strong for a while,
But then it all started pouring out,
I cried for you,
That's basically all I could do.

I was stuck,
Debating if it was true or not true.
Were you really gone?
It was another thing I'd have to prove.

And I did prove it,
You were gone and never coming back.
Like I said, it hit me hard.
But, it hit everyone hard.

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