IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Is It Worth It?

The serpent slithered silently
across the silken counterpane
His victim slumbered peacefully
the serpent struck but struck in vain.

She did not sleep for she was dead
The serpent’s sting superfluous
Her stainless soul already fled
To regions much more glorious.

The crime he thought he could conceal.
Would backfire in her husbands face.
The Post mortem would soon reveal
of serpents venom not a trace.

But would expose how she had died
The test for toxins positive
No matter how her husband lied
all his attempts were negative.

He was found guilty by his peers
The sentence was he should be hung.
All his bravado disappears.
He should have held his lying tongue.

He should have called the doctor in.
Said he suspected suicide
considered then a mortal sin.
And hoped he would be satisfied.

Instead he tried to set the scene
To lay the blame upon a snake.
but there was no snake to be seen.
This proved to be his big mistake.

The snake should have been on display
As evidence to back his claim
Its absence gave his scheme away
and thus it was he lost the game.

Be sure your sins will come to light
no matter how you plot and plan.
It seems that fate takes great delight
in pointing out a guilty man..

There is a moral to this tale
I hope it is not lost on you
attempts to shift the blame will fail.
Because fate will make sure they do.


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No crime is worth the price you'll pay, especially now - with DNA! ! *10*! ! Great read Ivor! ! Friend Thad
Such snide and sneaky sibilance at work in this wonderful ballad. S ;)