Is It Wrong

is it wrong to fall
in love on her look, her perfume
just want's hold her in my arms
is it wrong to sing another
song on her touch, her taste
just feel different on her side
is it wrong to expect
my heart still growing
under her caresses
is it wrong to know
her dreams since a while
as i tamed my tears on her side
is it wrong to paint
her past for more than yesterday
on the walls of my future
is it wrong to be scare
of losing her beauty full smile
letting distance between us
is it wrong to have cold
when i imagine her with other men
as we used to kiss each other
is it wrong to feel protected
setting face to face if
anything has collapsed around
is it wrong to have been
touched by her grace
once in my past time
is it wrong to not want
the chain for fear of being
deprived of her liberty
is it wrong to have seen
the holy grail of my dreams
on her words of fullness

i'm not looking for
the answer of my despair
i'm waiting for her love

by Etienne Dugland

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