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Is It You?
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Is It You?

Poem By Kristy Liang

i c u mostly all the time
when time passes by we say hi
we play and say
we dunt like each other
when we say

buh really we do like each other
we just can't admit it
coz of sum1 an sumthin
tht is in our way
wah should we do?
wah can i say?

i think u noe who u r... just admit it to meh
tht u like meh for who i am and what i do,
then we can love each other like love birds
sitting on the trees
fluttering our wings free-ful-ly
we can sing together in the air
laugh & cry

give our shoulders to each other for us to say goodbye
should we be or not to be?
all i noe is we r meant to b<3......

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